OceanSide church of Christ



Gospel Meeting 2017 - Sunday October 29 through Wednesday November 1


This year our guest speaker will be Keith Mosher. Keith is the Dean of Academics and Student Life at the Memphis School of Preaching. He has successfully served churches in many different states in the US and he has held gospel meetings in forty states and overseas. In addition to being an author of books, magazine articles and tracts, Brother Mosher teaches Greek, General Biblical Introduction, Holy Spirit, Bible, Logic, Expository Preaching, Hebrew History, and Parables at Memphis School of Preaching.


The theme for this year is "Is Your Heart In..." and the schedule is as follows:

Sunday   Oct 29

10:00 - 11:00 am

Topic: "Is Your Heart in Worship?" 

Sunday   Oct 29

11:15 - 12:00 pm

Topic: "Is Your Heart in the Cross?"

Sunday   Oct 29

12:15 -   1:30 pm

Luncheon - open to all attendees

Sunday   Oct 29

  5:30 -   6:30 pm

Topic: "Is Your Heart in the church?"

Monday   Oct 30

  7:00 -   8:00 pm

Topic: "Is Your Heart in the Home?"   

Tuesday  Oct 31

  7:00 -   8:00 pm

Topic: " Is Your Heart in Grace?"

Wednesday Nov 1

  7:00 -   8:00 pm

Topic:  Is Your Heart in Evangelism?


All sessions will take place at the Oceanside church of Christ in Atlantic Beach, Florida, are free of charge, and are open to the public. Please join us for these edifying and encouraging lessons.