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The Seven “I am” Statements of Christ (Part 2)
by: Dalton Gilreath

I.                I am the Door and I am the Shepherd (John 10:9-11)


A.    The next two statements are tied together in John 10

                                                    i.     First, Jesus discusses His sheep

                                                   ii.     He describes those who would go in to the sheep by some other way than the door as being thieves and murders (10:1-5)

1.     He then explains that He is the door (9)

2.     If we want to enter the  flock we must go through Him

3.     Some want to enter in through another door, like Muhammad, false teaching, etc

B.    Second, Jesus continues the thought by proclaiming that He is the Shepherd (11)

                                                    i.     The sheep know their shepherd like no other

                                                   ii.     They come to Him and know Him but not strangers

1.     Shepherds protect the sheep as well but they know their life is more important than the sheep

2.     However, Jesus willingly gave His life for His sheep (10:17-18)

3.     Through His death we can be part of the flock, the church


II.              I am the Resurrection and the Life (John 11:25)

A.    Jesus knew that Lazarus had passed away due to sickness

                                                    i.     Martha believed Lazarus would not have died if the Lord had come sooner (John 11:21)

                                                   ii.     Jesus explained that her brother would rise again

1.     Jesus told them He was the resurrection and the life

2.     He raised Lazarus from the dead

B.    We, too, will be raised on the last day through Christ

                                                    i.     But furthermore, we are raised through baptism as well

                                                   ii.     In fact, we are resurrected in baptism just as Christ was from the dead (Rom 6:3-6)

1.     But in order to be resurrected I have to spiritually die

2.     That means I become accountable to sin and then I repent of it

3.     I die to self and that dead man can then be buried and raised

III.            I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6)

A.    Jesus is getting close to leaving His disciples (1-5)

                                                    i.     Thomas wants to know the way to be with Christ

                                                   ii.     Jesus tells him that He is the way, truth, and life

1.     He doesn’t understand and wants directions

2.     Jesus tells him he knows the way because He has been taught by Jesus

B.    In order to be with Jesus we must know the way (Acts 18:24-26)

                                                    i.     The religious world teaches many different paths but there is only one and it is the one Christ taught

                                                   ii.     Can you imagine getting to be there on that final day?

1.     We will be forever with the Lord and see Him face to face

2.     We can look Him in His spiritual eyes and say “Thank You”

3.     Are you willing to be faithful to have that opportunity forever?

IV.            I am the Vine (John 15:1-5)

A.    The final statement is found in John 15

                                                    i.     Jesus discusses a vineyard

                                                   ii.     He is the vine and Christians are the branches

1.     While we produce good fruit we are pruned and can make more

2.     When we don’t we wither and eventually will be cast into the fire

B.    This final statement is a lesson in faithfulness

                                                    i.     Some believe we can never fall away but those in Christ can still be thrown in the fire

                                                   ii.     Am I producing rotten or good fruit in my life?

1.     My works are my fruits

2.     Am I even producing any fruit at all in my life?

V.              Conclusion

A.    All these statements are connected with John 8:24

B.    No wonder Jesus said, “If ye believe not that I AM ye shall die in your sin” (Emp. added)