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The Greatest of These is Love (3)
by: Dalton Gilreath

I.              Introduction

A.   The divorce rate is now up to 50% of first marriages.

                                          i.    The divorce rate of second marriages is over 60%

                                        ii.    The divorce rate of third marriages is over 70%

B.   One of the problems is the pursuit of happiness

                                          i.    People focus on what makes them happy instead of what makes God happy

                                        ii.    As Christians we must pursue holiness (1 Peter 1:16)

                                       iii.    As Christians we must pursue love (1 Cor 14:1)

1.    When I know love I know God (1 John 4:8)

2.    When I know God I find happiness in Christ

II.            Love does not envy

A.   Love is seeing something someone else has and be grateful for them and finding contentment that they have it

                                          i.    Envy is desiring to have that something and allowing it to consume you

                                        ii.    The flesh naturally becomes envious but pursuing love means I change my attitude

B.   Envy is seen rampantly throughout the Bible

                                          i.    Eve was arguably envious of God’s knowledge (Gen 3:5)

                                        ii.    Cain was envious of Abel’s acceptance with God (Gen 4:5-7)

                                       iii.    Joseph’s brothers were envious (Gen 37:20-24)

                                       iv.    Christ was crucified because of envy (Matt 27:18)

1.    This is why envy is unique

2.    Envy finds harm in a perfectly sinless being

                                        v.    Envy is rottenness to the bones (Prov 14:30)

C.   Envy can consume us in the workplace and in the church

                                          i.    You may be the best at what you do, but someone will come along who can do it better

1.    Will you encourage them and find contentment in their ability?

2.    Or will you be consumed with a desire to be the best again

                                        ii.    Jonathan was next in line for the kingdom and yet he was best friends with the man who would take his throne

1.    How could Jonathan not be envious? (1 Sam 20:17)

2.    Why was Saul envious? (1 Sam 18:9)

                                       iii.    Envy will lead us down a path of hatred and sin

III.           Love does not parade itself

A.   Love does not boast of its own accomplishments

                                          i.    When I am arrogant it is as though others are on the sideline of my life

                                        ii.    I think I am better than others and often brag about it

                                       iii.    Some want to argue it isn’t bragging if you can back it up

B.   Christians may not brag face to face but sometimes we get caught up on social media

                                          i.    It is interesting how often we reference our intense workouts, accomplishments, marriages, things, etc

                                        ii.    When I post those boastful comments and others like it I begin to feel like it is acceptable

                                       iii.    Take yourself out of the 21st century and consider walking up to someone, showing them your picture, and asking for “likes”

C.   Solomon said to allow others to lift you up not your own lips (Prov 27:2)

                                          i.    Facebook is not for bragging or showing off how good you or your body looks

                                        ii.    Be careful what you post and do not lift yourself up but others