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Sin Is Always Wrong
by: Dalton Gilreath

I.                Introduction

A.    Satan will do everything he can to convince us that sin is acceptable

                                                    i.     He told Eve that she would not die (Gen 3:4)

                                                   ii.     He gives us all “excuses” sometimes

B.    No matter what excuses we come up with sin will always be wrong

                                                    i.     Consider some of the common justifications Christians might use to excuse their sin

                                                   ii.     Precede each point with “Sin is always wrong…

II.              No matter how you dress it

A.    Some want to call sin by a new name

                                                    i.     Some call lies a “little white lie”

                                                   ii.     Some say their foul language isn’t the “mother of all words”

                                                 iii.     Breaking the law a little or a lot is still sin (1 John 3:4)

B.    Some might say culture has changed a sin

                                                    i.     Modesty has changed through the years and bathing suits are now acceptable

                                                   ii.     It is acceptable to cohabitate before marriage in our society

                                                 iii.     Culture doesn’t change God’s Law (Psa 119:89)

C.    Some argue politics

                                                    i.     The government accepts transgender and homosexuality

                                                   ii.     We know we ought to obey God rather than men (Acts 5:29)

III.            Even if it feels right

A.    Our conscience can only be our guide when our conscience has been trained

                                                    i.     Paul persecuted Christians and felt good about it (Acts 23:1)

                                                   ii.     We cannot base our morality on how it makes us feel

B.    It simply is not within man’s ability to choose morality for himself

                                                    i.     A way might feel right but the end is death (Prov 14:12)

                                                   ii.     Jeremiah said man cannot direct his own steps (10:23)

IV.            No matter who else does it or says it

A.    Some will base their beliefs solely upon what another says or does

                                                    i.     Maybe the person is very intelligent or very popular

                                                   ii.     We must remember that even Satan can disguise himself as an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14)

B.    We need to prove the things we hear and see before we replicate them (1 John 4:1)

                                                    i.     We must study like the Bereans to see what God says about any given sin (Acts 17:11)

                                                   ii.     Paul says to “prove all things” (1 Thess 5:21)

V.              Even if no one else is harmed

A.    Some argue their action is consensual so why would it be wrong?

                                                    i.     First of all, what is consensual with you and another person may not be consensual between you and God

                                                   ii.     Secondly, you are harming both yourself and the other person spiritually (Rom 6:23)

B.    Some might argue the sin is private and no one’s been negatively influenced

                                                    i.     Again, you are still harming your own soul

                                                   ii.     We are thinking physically with this argument and not spiritually

VI.            No matter who encourages you

A.    Sometimes we might play the blame game

                                                    i.     Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed Satan (Gen 3:12-13)

                                                   ii.     Yet God held all three accountable and punished them

B.    Someone might encouraged you to sin but the decision is still yours

                                                    i.     Sure they will be accountable for encouraging you but you will be accountable for consenting

                                                   ii.     Solomon says when sinners entice us we need to “consent not” (Prov 1:10)

VII.          No matter who else sees

A.    We might justify sin by saying no one else is watching

                                                    i.     We forget God is always watching (Heb 4:13)

                                                   ii.     There is no darkness with God’s vision (Psa 139:11-12)

B.    We would never commit the sins we do in private if someone was there watching us

                                                    i.     Who ever viewed pornography with their spouse or parent standing by them?

                                                   ii.     Yet we forget that God is standing there watching because we don’t see Him

VIII.        No matter our intentions

A.    Intentions are important but they do not change sin to purity

                                                    i.     David moved the ark of God with good intentions but was still in sin for moving it incorrectly (2 Sam 6:3-7)

                                                   ii.     Saul had good intentions in sparing Agag to sacrifice to God but he still disobeyed and lost his kingship

B.    Paul discussing doing evil that good will come (Rom 3:8)

                                                    i.     Just like Rahab was wrong in lying so are we even in difficult situations

                                                   ii.     We forget there is always a way of escape (1 Cor 10:13)

IX.            Even if we ignore it

A.    We can preach and teach this all day but some will still ignore it

                                                    i.     However, they are still in sin whether they believe it or not

                                                   ii.     Christ will reject them for rejecting Him (John 12:48)

B.    Furthermore, some may ignore it because the consequences are so far away

                                                    i.     Solomon said some would have this attitude (Ecc 8:11)

                                                   ii.     Are you ignoring your sin with plans to fix it down the road?

                                                 iii.     We are not promised tomorrow!