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The Heart of a Soldier
by: Dalton Gilreath

I.              Introduction

A.   Since I was little I always enjoyed watching super heroes

                                          i.    I understand though that the real protectors of our country are not superheroes but soldiers

                                        ii.    Soldiers fight for our freedoms and safety not superheroes

B.   The Bible relates Christianity to a fight (1 Tim 6:12)

                                          i.    It even relates Christianity to a war (1 Tim 1:18)

                                        ii.    We are not going to focus on the armor of God or any other exterior aspect of a soldier

                                       iii.    Instead, let’s focus on the heart of a good soldier

II.            Believes in the Cause (Acts 17:16-17)

A.   In our text Paul arrives in the well-educated city of Athens

                                          i.    When arriving he is stirred, or provoked, because of their idolatrous ways

                                        ii.    This provocation leads him to take action and he disputes with the people regarding their false ways of worship

                                       iii.    As a good soldier Paul believed in the righteousness of the cause

B.   Paul told the church at Corinth that he believed and therefore he spoke (2 Cor 4:13-14)

                                          i.    The Psalmist said the same thing centuries earlier (116:10)

                                        ii.    When we believe in the cause we speak out and fight for it

C.   Paul told Timothy to exhibit that same heart of a soldier (2 Tim 1:3-8)

                                          i.    Verse seven says God did not give us a spirit of fear

                                        ii.    Verse eight describes two options of either being ashamed of the cause or being afflicted for the cause

III.           Bears Hardship and Adversity (Acts 17:18)

A.   These atheists and idolatrous groups mocked Paul calling him a “babbler”

                                          i.    He had already dealt with lots of hardship being driven out of Thessalonica and then Berea as well (Acts 17:5-14)

                                        ii.    At the end of the lesson he had more adversity as most ignored his pleas of repentance granting him little success in Athens (32-24)

B.   As soldiers we must understand, as Paul did, that there will be difficult times

                                          i.    No man or woman signs up for the military believing it will be easy

                                        ii.    Sometimes you lose your fights or feel like you have failed

1.    Giving up is never an option as we see in Paul

2.    Paul told Timothy to endure hardships as a good soldier of Christ (2 Tim 2:3)

IV.          Brave to Face the Enemy (Acts 17:19-21)

A.   These Athenians loved to learn things and hear themselves tell others

                                          i.    They were always trying to talk and tell

                                        ii.    They listened to Paul’s words not to change but to learn a new story to tell others

                                       iii.    Paul described people like this to Timothy who ever learn but don’t come to a knowledge of the Truth (2 Tim 3:7)

B.   Paul delivered a powerful sermon that got straight to the point (Acts 17:22-31)

                                          i.    He was brave to face them as he told them to repent and worship only the true and living God

                                        ii.    But they rejected his message for the most part

C.   Paul describes this bravery and strength to Timothy as well (2 Tim 2:1)

                                          i.    He says to be strong in the grace of the Lord

                                        ii.    Notice alone we are not strong enough but with the Lord all things are possible

                                       iii.    We must “act like men” and be brave to speak out for the cause of Christ (1 Cor 16:13)

                                       iv.    May God grant each of us the strength to be a good soldier for Christ in heart