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by: Dalton Gilreath

I.              Introduction

A.   Paul harshly rebuked Ananias, the high priest, before the Jewish council (Acts 23:1-5)

                                          i.    When he realized it was the high priest he was talking to he was apologetic and desired to retract his statement

                                        ii.    It wasn’t because the high priest didn’t deserve to hear that but it was about respect for a position of authority

B.   Respect involved four things:

                                          i.    A change of focus from self to someone or something else

                                        ii.    A recognition of the reason for the respect

                                       iii.    A placing of value on the person/object (KJV word for “honor”

                                       iv.    A controlling of one’s behavior

C.   Respect is something we need more of in this country

                                          i.    We have respect for the American flag

                                        ii.    We have respect for funerals and related events

1.    But we don’t have respect spiritually where we ought

2.    Consider six things Christians must respect

II.            Parents

A.   Children must not only obey parents but respect them (Eph 6:1-3)

                                          i.    This is connected to Deuteronomy 5:16

                                        ii.    Notice their life will be long and well for doing so

B.   Consider the respect Isaac had for his father (Gen 22)

                                          i.    Walking up to be sacrificed there must have been a point in which Isaac realized he was the sacrifice

                                        ii.    Why didn’t Isaac run away? He respected or honored his father

III.           Property Rights

A.   We must respect the property rights of others

                                          i.    Stealing is condemned in both Testaments (Ex 20:15, Eph 4:28)

                                        ii.    We must respect items we are given to borrow for our usage as well and treat them as if they are our own

B.   Paul also discussed “trucebreakers” (2 Tim 3:3)

                                          i.    Christians are not to break contracts they have with others but to honor them as well

                                        ii.    We must be men and women of our word as it’s all we have

IV.          Family

A.   Jesus discusses the parable about a husbandman who hires men to work his vineyard

                                          i.    When it comes time to settle the finances the hired men beat the servants who come to fetch the money

                                        ii.    Interestingly, the husbandman send his son the third time assuming they will respect him (Matt 21:33-37)

                                       iii.    Sometimes we give or receive respect based upon the parents or family of an individual

B.   Our marriages need respect as well

                                          i.    Men must respect their wife (1 Pet 3:7)

                                        ii.    Wives must respect their husbands (Eph 5:33)

1.    Marriages are falling apart all around us over petty things

2.    If we all respected our spouses as we ought our marriages would be successful

V.           Elderly

A.   Paul told Timothy to respect those who are older (1 Tim 5:1-3)

                                          i.    It doesn’t matter whether they deserve it or not we must respect the older men and women we know and especially widows (cf. Jam 1:27)

                                        ii.    Respect is not about deserving it but about doing what is right (1 Pet 2:18)

B.   In the Old Testament we see God describing the punishment that will come upon Israel if they disobey while in Canaan’s Land

                                          i.    The nation that will rise up against Israel will not care about the elderly (Deut 28:50)

                                        ii.    What does that say about a person who disrespects their older members?

VI.          Civil Law

A.   When the judge walks into a court room every stands

                                          i.    This is also about respect because of what he stands for

                                        ii.    He stands for the law and we must respect civil law

B.   Paul said to respect the governing powers for “conscience” sake (Rom 13:5)

                                          i.    Notice it starts inward and results in a change of behavior

                                        ii.    We may not agree with our laws but we must respect them so long as they do not contradict God’s will

VII.         God

A.   We are raising a generation that does not know respect

                                          i.    Sadly, this continues into their schooling, and into the church

                                        ii.    Many may never respect God because they weren’t taught to respect authority

B.   God deserves our utmost respect in worship from the heart (John 4:24)

                                          i.    Paul says God can tell if we respect or despise him in our worship (1 Cor 11:22)

                                        ii.    Our behavior shows our attitude toward God

1.    Do we attend regularly?

2.    Do we arrive on time?

3.    Do we dress up a bit?

                                       iii.    Lots of things go into our respect for God in worship

C.   Lastly, when we respect God the rest will fall into place

                                          i.    Respecting God means respecting and obeying His Word

                                        ii.    Start with God and all the rest will come in time