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Big Lessons from a Wee Little Man
by: Dalton Gilreath

I.              Introduction

A.   Zacchaeus is well known by all ages

                                          i.    While he might have been a “wee little man” we can learn great lessons from his brief story

                                        ii.    His heart was filled with a desire to know the Lord

B.   Consider some lessons from Luke 19:1-9

                                          i.    We can learn from the sycamore tree

                                        ii.    We can learn from Jesus

                                       iii.    We can learn from Zacchaeus

II.            The Sycamore Tree

A.   The tree was there and available for Zacchaeus to climb

                                          i.    Evangelism is not a passive mission

                                        ii.    Jesus did not say “wait and teach all nations” He said “Go”

                                       iii.    We must be actively seeking in our daily lives to save others

                                       iv.    We must be “soul conscious” as one preacher said

B.   Secondly, we must help people see Jesus

                                          i.    The tree must have had some limbs to climb

                                        ii.    If we want to help people see Jesus we need some “branches” to climb up

1.    We need the branch of kindness

a.    People will only listen if they know we care

b.    Our words and actions are so important

2.    We need the branch of contentment

a.    No one wants to be a part of something depressing

b.    Paul was always content in any state (Phil 4:11)

3.    We need the branch of integrity

a.    Reputation is critical in evangelism

b.    No one will listen to a public hypocrite

c.    Daniel is an example of integrity (Dan 6:4)

III.           Jesus

A.   Zacchaeus was a chief tax collector

                                          i.    Most would have despised and avoided him

                                        ii.    Yet, Jesus taught him anyway

1.    We cannot be prejudice toward those we teach the Gospel

2.    Every soul needs to hear it and anyone can change

B.   Zacchaeus was rich

                                          i.    Jesus had just taught a rich man who rejected Him (Luke 18:18-25)

1.    Jesus could have been discouraged and avoided rich people

2.    However, He went to Zacchaeus and taught him anyway

                                        ii.    Don’t let rejection keep you from continuing to try

C.   He taught Zacchaeus personally

                                          i.    He could have preached publically in the town but He didn’t

1.    He seemingly went to Zacchaeus on purpose (verse 5)

2.    He wanted to have a 1 on 1 discussion

                                        ii.    Personal evangelism is how we really convert souls today

1.    Preaching is important but it is not all it takes

2.    Handing out material, supporting mission, etc is all good, but nothing beats personal 1 on 1 studies

IV.          Zacchaeus

A.   He went to the source

                                          i.    Zacchaeus could have asked the crowd what Jesus looked like and what He was saying

                                        ii.    Instead, he climbed a tree to see from the source himself

1.    The crowd will lead us wrong every time

2.    We need to go to the source for knowledge of God’s will (Acts 17:11)

B.   He made no excuses

                                          i.    He could have blamed his height and just went home

                                        ii.    Instead, he climbed the tree to rise above and succeed

1.    Notice, it took effort on his part

2.    It also took a genuine desire for Truth

C.   He received Jesus and His message joyfully

                                          i.    The reason three thousand were saved in Acts 2 is because those individuals received the message of Christ “gladly” (2:41)

                                        ii.    We must replicate this open heart as we learn the Truth of God’s message