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Arguments Made in Favor of Alcohol
By: Dalton Gilreath

I.              A little wine for the stomach’s sake (1 Tim 5:23)

A.   Some use this to argue that drinking alcohol cannot be sinful

                                          i.    This authorizes medicinal use but in no way authorizes social drinking

B.   Notice Timothy was using the unsanitary water of his day

                                          i.    Apparently he had been avoiding alcohol

                                        ii.    Paul gave him the authority to drink a little for his illness

                                       iii.    Clearly this was a last resort for Timothy

C.   This text does not argue for social drinking at all

                                          i.    In fact, it argues against it as Timothy was avoiding it

                                        ii.    This gives authority for things like Nyquil not drinking for fun

II.            Not given to much wine (1 Tim 3:3, 8)

A.   The elders are told not to be given to wine and the deacons “much wine”

                                          i.    First of all, they are also commanded to be sober (1 Tim 3:2)

                                        ii.    Secondly, the words in Greek are not the same in reference to the elders and deacons

1.    To elders he is saying to not stay near wine or associate with it

2.    To deacons he is saying not to give heed to much wine

B.   If deacons can’t heed to much wine can they a little?

                                          i.    Solomon said not to be overly wicked (Ecc 7:17)

1.    Would this authorize being a little wicked?

                                        ii.    James said to avoid overflowing with naughtiness (1:21)

1.    Would this authorize a little naughtiness?

2.    Of course not because they Bible addresses it elsewhere

a.    The Bible address alcohol elsewhere as well

C.   People are simply trying to find s loophole so they can drink alcohol

                                          i.    God doesn’t want you to drink it, Satan does

III.           Jesus turned water into wine (John 2:1-10)

A.   First of all, remember “wine” can be fermented or unfermented”

                                          i.    The context is necessary to know which is being discussed

B.   Secondly, Solomon was inspired by the Lord when he said not to even look at fermented wine (Prov 23:31-32)

                                          i.    Would the Lord, who wrote that, produce it for this feast?

C.   Also notice the master could distinguish the taste of the “good wine”

                                          i.    He and the others had “well drunk” (to their satisfaction) already and yet he had his sense about him

                                        ii.    In addition, this would have been 120-180 gallons of wine

D.   Finally, wouldn’t this also authorize producing and selling wine?

                                          i.    If Jesus produced fermented wine then we could as well

IV.          Conclusion

A.   Many want to justify drinking alcohol in the Bible but it just can’t be done

B.   Ask yourself why it is necessary?

                                          i.    It may have some positive effects but none that are unique to wine

                                        ii.    The best thing we can do is avoid it altogether

1.    There is no disagreeing with that!