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Tell Me the Story of Jesus
by: Dalton Gilreath

I.              Introduction

A.   The preaching of the cross is the power of God (1 Cor 1:18)

                                          i.    This morning we want to discuss that message

B.   Throughout the book of John the Bible references the hour of Jesus has not yet come (John 2:4, 7:30, 8:20)

                                          i.    However, in John 11 this expression no longer occurs

                                        ii.    When Lazarus is miraculously resurrected the chief priests and Pharisees begin seeking to kill Him (John 11:46-53)

                                       iii.    This miracle facilitated the death of our Lord

II.            The Passover

A.   Jesus really looked forward to eating the Passover with His apostles

                                          i.    He told them to go to Jerusalem and prepare the meal

B.   Judas had gone behind the scenes and bartered our Lord for 30 pieces of silver

                                          i.    Interestingly, they fully trusted Judas and gave him full payment

C.   Jesus washed the apostles’ feet when He arrived to the supper

                                          i.    This included the feet of Judas

                                        ii.    He knew He was being betrayed and he served him anyways

                                       iii.    Jesus tells them that one of them will betray Him

1.    A private conversation goes on with Judas and Jesus

2.    Jesus says, “That thou doest, do quickly” (John 13:27)

III.           The Garden

A.   Jesus takes His inner circle of apostles deeper into the garden and He prays        (Matt 26:39)

                                          i.    His prayer is to have this accomplished another way if possible

                                        ii.    Doubtless, if God could have saved man without delivering His Son to cruel man He would have done so

B.   Jesus returns to find His apostles sleeping three times

                                          i.    He teaches them about vigilance

                                        ii.    After the third time we see the hour has finally come (Matt 26:45)

C.   They see Judas leading the soldiers in the distance (John 18:3-12)

                                          i.    Judas betrays the Lord with a kiss

                                        ii.    Jesus admits that He is the one they are seeking and every one of them falls to the ground

1.    Maybe this was in shock or even in reverence

                                       iii.    The soldiers bind His hands and lead Him to Annas first

IV.          The Trial

A.   Annas, the father of Caiaphas, questions Him about His teaching (John 18:13-24)

                                          i.    Jesus tells him His teaching is public and he may ask others

                                        ii.    One of the servants of Annas slaps Jesus in the face

                                       iii.    Jesus requests the real accusation raised against Him

B.   Next He goes to Caiaphas, the high priest (Matt 26:57-68)

                                          i.    He has gathered the Sanhedrin and attempts to raise witnesses

                                        ii.    The only two he has are false witnesses

                                       iii.    However, he gets Jesus to say He is the son of God and calls it blasphemy to the court

                                       iv.    Oddly, the Sanhedrin break out in a frenzy saying He is worth of death

1.    They spit in His face and mock Him

2.    They blindfold Him , slap Him, and tell Him to prophesy who did it

C.   In the background Peter is witnessing these things (Matt 26:69-75)

                                          i.    A maiden says she saw him with Jesus and he denies

                                        ii.    Two more times he denies and the cock crows

1.    He then meets eyes with the Lord and sees His sorrow

2.    Peter realizes he let Him down and weeps bitterly

V.           The Crucifixion

A.   The next morning they take Him to Pilate (John 18:28-32)

                                          i.    They need Pilate to sign for the death penalty

1.    Little did they know they were fulfilling prophecy

B.   Pilate questions Jesus about being a king (John 18:33-40)

                                          i.    Jesus argues that His kingdom is not of this world

                                        ii.    Pilate sees He is no threat to the Romans

1.    He sends him to Herod who feels the same

C.   Pilate gets the Lord back again and gets a clever idea

                                          i.    He takes a wicked man, Barabbas, and asks the people which man they want released to them

1.    He often did this during the passover

2.    The people shout Barabbas

                                        ii.    Pilate asks what they want done with Jesus and they say crucifixion

                                       iii.    Pilate delivers Jesus to a centurion to see it done

D.   The soldiers give Him a purple robe, crown of thorns, and mock Him more (Matt 27:28-31)

                                          i.    They scourge Him literally bringing Him to an inch of His life

                                        ii.    They force Him to bear His cross up the hill to Calvary

                                       iii.    They nail Him to the cross and mock Him more as He is dying

1.    Even the thieves beside Him are mocking (Matt 27:44)

VI.          The crowd

A.   Jesus sees His mother there as He is immodest on the cross (John 19:25)

B.   Jesus feels a moment when even the Father has abandoned Him (Matt 27:46)

C.   A centurion witnesses these things and glorifies God (Luke 23:43-47)

                                          i.    The death of Christ even affected a hardened man

D.   Jesus gave His life up to the Father in the worst way imaginable

                                          i.    He did all this so we might be saved

                                        ii.    What a shame to think some still choose to serve Satan and not the Lord knowing the message of the cross

1.    What about you?