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A Sermon in Athens

Wayne Rodgers

Text: Acts 17:22-34


1.     Background of the Event, City, etc.

2.     Paulís time waiting in Athens


I.                The Apostle (his defense)

A.     Perceived

B.     Passed by

C.     Proclaimed

II.              The Athenians (their response)

A.     Mocked

B.     Procrastinate

C.     Believed

III.            The Application (our lesson)

A.     We must take every opportunity to proclaim

                                                    i.     When they mock

                                                  ii.     When they put off

                                                iii.     When they believe

B.     We rejoice because we have been obedient to Godís Word


1.     There is so much for us to do in the kingdom.

2.     We must learn to look for and seize opportunities when they present themselves.

3.     Let us learn from Paul to be more zealous in preaching/teaching the Gospel of Christ to others.