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ACTS 8:1-17

Larry J. Paulk




Persecution of church intensified

Saul’s Rampage

Persecution Reversed




Rise of Saul and Recognition of Stephen  1-3

Gospel Spreads                          4-8

Conversion of Simon the sorcerer  9-17




1.      Old animosities die hard  Stephen Hellenist Jew versus Hebrew Jew (6:1),

             Worshipped at different synagogues (6:9)

            All scattered except the apostles         Gal.3:28  “Neither Jew/Greek


2.      Courage required to support those who stand for truth.  “Devout men” buried Stephen and lamented over him.  Joseph of Arimethia,  Peter’s denial of Christ


3.      Opposition unrestrained leads to violence  :  “bystander” 7:58,  full consent  8:1,  Full involvement  8:3 “made havoc of the church”


4.     Opposition can result in good:  Stephens death results Phillip preaching  (8:4-5)  Church at Antioch founded  (11:19)


5.     Sometimes persecution (suffering) will stir us to obey the Lord’s commands  (1:8)


6.     Gospel is for all even the” less desirable”  Samaritans were the outcasts of Jewish society.  (Matt. 25:35-36 hungry, thirsty, stranger Homeless, sick, naked, prisoner,  SIMON the Sorcerer


7.     Gospel IS THE GREAT EQUALIZER there are no “half breeds” Gal. 3:28 Neither Jew- Greek, bond-free, male-female, are all one in Christ.


8.     We must begin our teaching where the individual is.  Samaritans believed only first 5 books of the OT Pentateuch. (8:5) John 4:25 She knew the Messiah is coming.  (baptism Act 2:38,  Instrumental music)


9.     Message of the first century church and 21 century church was to preach the  “name of Christ” (8:5) Eunuch (8:35)   Preaching Christ involves baptism  I Cor. 15   death, burial, resurrection        NOTHING IN A NAME  Acts 4:12    SOMETHING ELSE   (8:12)  “the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ  (kingdom and church used interchangeably Matt. 16:13-18


10.  Those scattered were under the same command as the apostles “go into all the world”                8:1 “ all scattered throughout Judea and Samaria EXCEPT THE APOSTLES


11.  Can’t fall from grace  “but when they believed Phillip preaching the things concerning the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ they were baptized both  men and women.”  (8:12)  “Then Simon himself believed ALSO”  Luke makes no distinction between the faith of Simon and faith of the Samaritans  ALSO  Gal. 5:4  Ye are fallen from grace:


12.  Sins once forgiven in baptism can still resurface in the life of a Christian.  James 5:16,  Gl. 6:1


13.  Miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit (I Cor. 12:8-18) ended with the death of the last of the apostles who imparted these gifts by the laying on of hands 8:17-18, Rom 1:11, II Tim. 1:6  Phillip received the gift in (6:6) but he could not pass it on.


14.   Purpose of miracles ?  (8:6) produce faith  John 11:42 Lazarus…. John 20:30-31 “many other signs” you may believe  WHEN MIRACLES ARE A FIRST PRIORITY THEY CAN BECOME A HINDRANCE TO FAITH.-----   Simon