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Anger Turns To Hatred

Acts 5:25-42

Larry Paulk



Anger Turns To Hatred

Reason Overcomes Evil Intentions





Rearrest     25-28

Repeated message   29-32

Reason and restraint   33-39

Response   40-42




1.     Enemies (world) are watching to see results  (KJ=doubted, NKJ=wondered) KJ “Doubted of them whereunto this would GROW” Religious world is challenged only by growth of the Lord’s church.

2.     Doing the right thing for the wrong reason is still sinful.  (Ann & Sapph. Compared to Barn.) Preaching Phill. 1:15-18

3.     Enemies of righteousness are aware of the impact of influence of righteous individuals vs (26)

4.     Consistent message repeated you have killed the savior Jesus (30-33)  Message today is the same as first century (death, resurrection, repentance, forgiveness of sins  (30-33)

5.     We must obey God rather than man  (Mark 12:17 ?)   

6.     Truth hurts (33) Acts 2:37 different responses to the truth (accept and change, anger Gal. 4:16 “Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?)  Sadducees believed no resurrection

7.     Twelve men “filled” Jerusalem with the gospel  3,000 Ax2:41, Ax 4:4 5,000 men,   (28)          Ax 5:14 multitudes  JERUSALEM POP 55,000 , DURING FESTIVALS  180,000

8.     Respected advice of Gamaliel half true “if it be of God you cannot overthrow it, if this counsel or this work be of men it will come to nought.”  (Catholicism. Islam)

9.     Religious movements originate one of two places MAN OR GOD   (38)

10.  Our attitude toward physical suffering and emotional suffering SHAME has        changed. (41)

11.  Church growth must be a “daily” commitment both at home – personal lives and in the assembly.  (42)

12.  We must have faith and ignore threats of opposition.    (40-42)









Thedus persuaded about (400) men to follow him to the Jordan River claiming to be a prophet and that he would by his own power command and divide the river and they could pass over on dry land.  Roman governor learned of plan and sent a troop of soldiers on horseback who killed and captured them.  Took Theudas alive, cut off his head and carried it back to Jerusalem.




Sadducees – Priestly tribe upper class, literal written law – Torah

Pharisees – common people, oral interpretations, traditions – Talmud

Essenes – independents, isolationist,celebicy      Mat. 19:11-12, Col. 2:8,18,23

Zealots – anti Rome,  census/taxes, “God alone was ruler of Israel and urged no taxes be paid to Caesar”   (Mark 12:17  Render to Caesar)  Judas was killed along with two of his sons,  third son led a rebellion 66 AD prior to the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70