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The Conspiracy of A Christian Couple

Acts 5:1-11

Victor M. Eskew




A.   The Conspiracy of A Christian Couple

1.    …his wife also being privy to it… (Acts 5:2)

2.    …how is it that ye have agreed together… (Acts 5:9)


B.   Lying to the Holy Ghost (Acts 5:3)

C.   Two Liars Give Up the Ghost (Acts 5:5, 10)




i.             THE COLLABORATION (Acts 5:1-2)

ii.           THE CONFRONTATION (Acts 5:3-10)

iii.          THE CONCERN (Acts 5:11)




A.   Members of the Lord’s church have been blessed with possessions that can be used in the Lord’s cause (Acts 5:1).


B.   Members of the church can involve themselves in a conspiracy to commit sin (Acts 5:2, 9).


C.   Satan is always involved in the evil deeds committed by members of the church (Acts 5:3).


D.   It is not wrong to confront sins that are committed by brethren (Acts 5:3).


E.   The sin of Ananias and Sapphira was not in keeping part of the money.  It involved both their lies and the testing of the Holy Spirit (Acts 5:4, 9).


F.   All sins that individuals commit are first conceived in the heart (Acts 5:4).


G.   We learn that the Holy Spirit is God (Acts 5:4-5).


H.   At times, there is a price to be paid for sin in this life (Acts 5:5, 10).


I.     Quick and strong consequences against evil can have a positive impact upon those who hear of it (Acts 5:5, 11; See Eccl. 8:11).


J.    If we are living lives of integrity, we do not have to be concerned about the things we do not know (Acts 5:7).


K.   Direct questions give us the opportunity to be honest or dishonest (Acts 5:8).


L.    Ananias and Sapphira committed a sin stronger than lying.  Peter says that they tempted the Spirit of God (Acts 5:9).

1.    Tempt

a.    Strong (3985):  to test, scrutinize            :- examine

b.    Thayer:  to try whether a thing can be done…to test one maliciously, by impious or wicked conduct to test or challenge God

2.    It seems that this couple lied in order to test the power of the Holy Spirit that the apostles said they had and displayed.

3.    NOTE:  This makes the gravity of their transgression greater than merely lying.


M.  God has often viewed some of the sinful behaviors of man to be worthy of death (Acts 5:5, 10).