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THE BOOK OF ACTS†††††††††††


The Christís Association with the Jews

Acts 3:12-26

Victor M. Eskew


I.                TITLE OF THE SECTION


A.    Christ Jesus:† Son Jesus (v. 13), Holy One, (v. 14), Just (v. 14), Prince of Life (v. 15), a prophet (v. 22), and the seed of Abraham (v. 25).


B.     The Christís Association with the Jews




A.    Human Power Denied (Acts 3:12)

B.     Heavenly Power Declared (Acts 3:13-16)

C.     Honest Plea Disclosed (Acts 3:17-21a)

D.    Holy Prophets Described (Acts 3:21b-24)

E.     Honored People Delivered (Acts 3:25-26)




A.    The power of the Christian religion is either human or divine (Acts 3:12, 16)


B.     Godís Son was glorified regardless of the actions of the Jews (Acts 3:13).


C.     The Jewsí actions against the Christ manifested (Acts 3:13-15a)

1.      Delivered†† 2.† Denied†††††††††††††††††††† 3.† Desired Another†††††††††††††††††† 4.† Destroyed


D.    The resurrection of Christ was confirmed by witnesses (Acts 3:15b).


E.     Faith in the name of Christ is essential to our success (Acts 3:16).


F.     True miracles were verifiable (Acts 3:16).


G.    Many religious people do things in ignorance (Acts 3:17).


H.    Christís sufferings were the fulfillment of prophecy (Acts 3:18, see v. 24).


I.       Man needs to repent and be converted to have his sins blotted out (Acts 3:19).


J.      Jesus is coming again (Acts 3:20)


K.    Jesus is the only prophet that God has raised up like unto Moses (Acts 3:22).


L.     Hear Jesus, or, be destroyed (Acts 3:22-23).


M.   Through the seed of Abraham a blessing was to come to all kindreds of the earth (Acts 3:25).


N.    God desired for the Jews to hear the gospel first (Acts 3:26).


O.    Jesus came to bless by forgiving man of his iniquities (Acts 3:26).