OceanSide church of Christ

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The Church Established


Victor M. Eskew


I.                TITLE OF THE SECTION


A.    The Church Established (Acts 2:41, 47)

B.    “And all that believed were together” (Acts 2:44)

C.    The First Picture of the Church

D.    A Group to Be Modeled

E.     The Result of Powerful Preaching




i.                 THE RECEPTION OF THE WORD (Acts 2:41)

ii.               THE REGULARITY OF WORSHIP (Acts 2:42)

iii.             THE RESPECT OF THE BELIEVERS (Acts 2:43)

iv.             THE READINESS TO ASSIST (Acts 2:44-45)

v.               THE RAPPORT OF THE SAINTS (Acts 2:46)

vi.             THE RESPECT OF THE COMMUNITY (Acts 2:47a)

vii.           THE REPRODUCTION OF THE CHURCH (Acts 2:47b)




A.    There is a responsibility on the part of the one hearing the gospel to receive God’s Word gladly (Acts 2:41).


B.    Those who gladly receive the Word of God will be baptized (Acts 2:41).


C.    Believers have many responsibilities and practices after baptism that must be carried out (Acts 2:42-46).


D.    For the church to thrive, it must continue steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine (Acts 2:42).


E.     For the church to grow, there must be a respect and awe for spiritual things in the minds of the members (Acts 2:43).


F.     Followers of the New Testament church will care and share for and with one another when genuine needs are present (Acts 2:44-45).


G.    Unity is a key component in the growth of the church (Acts 2:46a).


H.    A growing church will be together with one another (Acts 2:46b).


I.       The true church will have a healthy respect given to it from without (Acts 2:47a).


J.      The best way to grow the church is to make certain there are daily additions (Acts 2:47b).



Assignment for next week:


1.      Next Sunday have every member to commit to being in Bible class, A.M. worship, and P.M. worship services.  Until our practice involves complete devotion, we will never convince the world that complete devotion is needed.


2.     Acts 3:1-11